Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm putting together a new class called "Creating a Hardscape".
Years ago, after moving to Hawaii where silk velvets and lace just don't do well, I began creating costumes with apoxie clay and embellishments and no fabric.
I call these "Hardscapes" and they are great fun to create.

I have a series of classes now offered at That Creative Place that begin with how I sculpt and paint a face, how I sculpt and paint hands and arms, legs and feet, how I create a torso and put together the arms and legs and build a stand. ( not up on site yet ) And now the culmination of those classes will be "Creating a Hardscape." Since I've been so lost in my Blessing wall pieces, it's been a while since I did a Hardscape and I am loving this process!

Here's a few photos of some parts of the class....the undergown, the hood and today will bring a glorious cape!

If there is any class you would like me to offer, please let me know.


Judy C said...

I would love to have a book of your work.

Kristen Strand said...

Oh my yes! I have started to explor a little on my own with this concept, although for a different reason... sewing and fabric intimidates me! I would love to learn from someone who is the expert!

ketz said...

This is perfect with my garden. I would love to put it in my ponds surely it will be gorgeous.

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