Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hide and Seek class

My husband and I took a watercolor painting class this weekend.
I knew nothing about water color and he knew even less, but as of today, I'll never look at a hibiscus in the same way. It's amazing how gaining new knowledge shifts and expands one's perspective. What a great thing!

Patrice Federspiel has lived here in Hawaii for about 10 years now. I met her when she first moved here and was just learning the art of watercolor, having mastered oil painting. She was part of the group of women who, not knowing each other initially, gathered together in my studio once a week, because of the love of creating.....and the beauty of Kawela Bay. We met each week, over many many years, and while the group has since disbanded, it's fun to stay in touch and relish in the new directions that we have found ourselves. And the love of creating still holds us together, at least in our spirit.
She has a lovely web page and a great eZine that I highly recommend.
The Art of Aloha.

In these past 10 years, Patrice has become a master in the art of watercolor. Her style and technique are thrilling and inspiring, and her use of bold color is exciting and fresh.
The technique she taught this weekend was called "Hide n Seek" in which one lays gauze, string and such down on the paper, adds paints, lets it dry and then discovers the painting within. Right up my alley! It keeps one in their heart and out of their head and adds such a fun element of mystery.

This is what I found hiding in my painting!

Here's my husband's hibiscus..... very cool, I think . :)

Patrice Federspiel The Art of Aloha

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TinaE said...

Fantastic! Watercolor is my favorite medium, but all I've ever learned came from a few weeks in my highschool fine art class. I've just stumbled through it figuring it out as I go. I would love to take some painting classes someday. Acrylic and watercolor both. What beautiful work.