Saturday, November 1, 2008

I voted!

Yesterday we drove an hour around the island to go to the early voting place, to cast our ballots in this emotional election.
As you can see from these photos, the journey was, in itself, inspiring. What a place this island is!

But more than that....I was really excited to vote. I was almost giddy! Like I was going to a party. :)
To feel that way, particularly in regards to an election, is something that has been seriously missing for years and years, in my life.

I think I must have started out enthusiastic with my first voting experience, but then as I got older, and time went on, my enthusiasm waned and I fell deeply into apathy, as nothing and no one seemed to make any difference. Until this election.

I am hopeful that Barrack Obama gets elected. I don't know much about politics, and who knows what he will be able to actually do in office, but the one thing that I get from him is Hope...Hope that we may find our way out of this mess that we are now in.

I watch him with Americans and I see a man with a quality of Grace.
I read a statement from his wife that said something to the effect that one needs to understand Hawaii to really understand Obama. I deeply understand that statement. There is something graceful and gracious in the people of this island.
Perhaps it's the force of nature that is so strong here....maybe it's the tradewinds that soften the edge...but it is true that Hawaii leaves her imprint. I see it on Barrack Obama. I am hopeful.


3rdEyeMuse said...

those pictures are stunning. thank you for sharing ... I definitely need to make my way to the islands at some point. :)

ps - I love to hear that people have exercised their right to vote. gold star from me to you. :)

Gufobardo said...

i vote every election, i love the politic,i hope in Obama!!!stef...with love

Mo'a said...

I am with you Marilyn and I am also getting excited about voting.
He certainly is a man of Grace and now that you have explained that je ne sais quoi that Obama has and the fact that I have been lucky enough to visit you in Hawaii twice...I understand him even better. Thank you :)
I will have a post about Gail published tomorrow...and then one about you later in the week.
Come over and see me.

Griselda said...

I love Hawaii and have promised myself to live there one day, then I went to Costa Rica and made the same promise, I guess I better quit that or I will need an lifetime to realize those promises.
I am a tad nervous about voting because of the energy around this place, I can tell not too many people in my small town are for Obama, we are looking forward to the same results, yet, to vote out of fear does not work for anyone...I see the same in him...Grace is such a beautiful quality, hope and most of all, he is calling for commitment and for unity. I like that man.
By the way, I have all the materials for your class on the leave-cocoon-baby but I have been so busy, I need to take some quiet time...may be on will keep my mind on a sweet project after I vote. :)
Thanks for making this world more beautiful with your amazing art.

Gufobardo said...

I'm crossing the fingers...OBAMA OBAMA! from Italy! Stef

Anonymous said...

It's really quite an amazing feeling, isn't it? After years of political activism followed by years of the same apathy you mentioned, this time I feel...different. (now, mind you, I was actually a Hillary guy to begin with, but...)

I'll even confess to getting teary-eyed when Ellen Degeneres was dancing to Madonna's Four Minutes...particularily the phrase "we got four minutes to change the world."