Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I love hands!
I had found an wonderful mannequin hand at a flea market in France this summer and wrote about it in my July blog post.
I attached it to a wall of my little studio, draped it with necklaces and other changing treasures and declared that I was now going to collect mannequin hands.

And then I forgot my declaration.....or maybe I just didn't find any to bring home with me.
Until this past Sunday when I went to the garage sale where I found my wonderful paintings.......
and I found more mannequin hands! Seven of them!! Abundance!!

So I screwed a couple of them into the wall beneath my Hundredth Angel piece and I've draped them with treasures.
I love hands!


3rdEyeMuse said...

I've always been a lover of hands myself & those two are simply PERFECT for the Hundredth Angel piece.

congrats on the bounty!

Gufobardo said...

incredible abundance!

Mo'a said...

Wonderful hands.
I can see in my minds eye beautiful offerings in those hands at future retreats.