Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family time....

Oh my god...Thanksgiving is over......!

Our oldest daughter and her family drove up from Southern Calif and our other two daughters and their families were here, too. When the 7 cousins get together, I just might as well park my mind behind the door.

We had a wonderful gathering with friends and family, 30 of us...eating outside, overlooking the vineyard and out to the hills and valleys beyond. Spectacular.

The highlight was, for me, watching our 7 beautiful granddaughters.
Each time we are together, they present a play or a singing program, that the oldest, Aidan, choreographs.
This year they sang two songs, in rounds, and my heart expanded with love, and joy, and pride, and great hope for our future.

And now that they've gone, and I've picked up my mind from behind the door, I can again find my balance and be thankful for all of it....the chaos, the work, the heart touching moments.....all of it, which I guess is called "family".
And oh...the quiet is nice. :)


Gufobardo said...

thanks God for your family, the childrens and your words, you are in my heart and I hope a day I will hug you and your little goddesses!

Sprite said...

So glad you had a nice thanksgiving! What a gorgeous environment and a beautiful family to share it with! So many reasons to be thankful!
hugs n luv, Sprite :)

Gail Lackey said...

OHH.. Marilyn with the magical number 7,.. AND... ALL... should have double the power over all the world!! I'm waiting and watching for wonderous things! Miss you!
Hugs, Gail

Mo'a said...

Love seeing the photos of your beautiful little princesses. And that table setting with a view is breathtaking. You live a lovely life :)

Gufobardo said...


3rdEyeMuse said...

is there room for me to be an honorary (or even visiting) member of the extended family?!? what a joy it really must be. :)