Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kawela Bay time

We've been here about 10 days now and we pinch ourselves every we return to Kawela Bay.  We've lived here almost 20 years  and it never stops filling our senses and our spirits.
Now is the time when the yellow flowering trees burst into bloom.  Aren't they amazing!  Hawaii has the most beautiful flowering trees.  Purple ones, red ones, yellow ones, pink and orange...big beautiful blossoms.
I've got a good handle on the work I had to do to get everything back in order since we had been gone ...so now it's studio time!
This studio space is so wonderful!  It's up on a second story, with two large double sliding doors that look out over Kawela Bay.  The light is happy and bright and there's something about being up high that feels expansive to me.   So I've cleaned up...re-organized...and I'm ready to begin.  On what, I do not know. :)

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