Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back here again!

I finally figured out the login for the blog I started years ago.  I had started another blog cause I couldn't get on this one....but now that I'm logged on, I think I'll stay with this one.  Sorry to have you bouncing back and forth.
So...I'm going to post photos that I  had posted on the other blog...
This is what I've created so far...still more to do....

I'm having a great time creating these smaller pieces...heads and torsos attached to a small square of wood that can be hung on the wall.  With these, I get to create what I love to create...head dresses. :)  And I can offer these at a lower price since I can sell direct and since they are smaller than my art dolls.  Anyway...that's my thought for now.  I'll open my Etsy store soon. 

We're off to Hawaii tomorrow.   Bright blue skies and velvet air!  Inspiration abounds!

Please check back ...I love to share the process of creating.


Sandies' Patch said...

Welcome back!
Enjoy your Hawaiian holiday!

BluMoon said...

How lovely to see you back again, your art dolls were so beautiful, it is great to see you creating them again even if they are smaller. I look forward to following your work once more.