Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back in Hawaii again


I'm back in Hawaii.  It is place of inspiration for me.  I don't know what it is, exactly...the velvet air...the blue sky...the water....the isolation from the "maddening crowds" ( although, once I leave Kawela Bay, the increase in traffic and tourists is disturbing )....but whatever it is, Kawela Bay is magical. 
We rent our home as a vacation rental for some of the year, so when I return I have to touch and replace everything, in order to reclaim my space. 
One of my favorite moments is when I re-arrange my "treasure table". 
On this old wooden table, I love to place things that I have collected or found over the years. 
Placing them in juxtapositions....laying one on another....creating vignettes. 
I LOVE doing this and it always places me in the "zone". 
 This amazing scarab was gifted to me during one of my art retreats.  I treasure this...and love to place it on the old wooden gypsy wagon arrow.  "Wisdom this way...."

Off to the studio.... :)

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