Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beautiful Villages of France

Each "Beautiful Village of France" is more outstanding than the last.  They are so quaint and charming that you almost can't believe your eyes!

Today we visited a "Beautiful Village of France" called Bellcastle.  AMAZING!  The photos that I am taking don't come near to showing it's beauty and charm.  It's just incredible.  We had an amazing lunch and walked through the castle that had been restored and just purchased by an American from NY.   Be sure to read about the architect who did the restoration.  What an amazing man.  Weather has been perfect!!   They say it's usually much much hotter and not usually as green as it is now.  They had a lot of rain in April and so it's just beautiful here and the temperature is so pleasant.  And....we aren't feeling crowded at all with tourists.  It's been really really great!

In this fantastic castle was a show of works by Brian and Wendy Froud!

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