Monday, May 30, 2016

New pieces

After about 5 years of feeling out of step with my muse and a lack of inspiration,
I feel like I'm back to hearing my muse.  Happy dance!
I created a couple of pieces in my typical style, and have now decided that I need to move on.  At my stage of life I am paring down and I want/need to reflect that in my art.  Here are new pieces created in the style I am known for...

Here is a new piece I created....much more minimal and I really love it.

The inspiration for this piece came from a bone that I found.  I held it up and it looked just like a corset to a dress...and so that is what it became.
So energy is pouring through me and I can't stop sculpting.  I have been invited to show in a art doll show in Petaluma in July and a new gallery is opening in Santa Fe and wants to show case my pieces.  Oh my gosh...I feel like I'm back from the dead!
Here's a piece I'm working on now:
Stay tuned for updates.  I worked on her more today.  Painted her white...added crackle glaze and then pasted on bits of paper from a french book .  I have to figure out how to add wings that I found from an antique hat, made in Paris, years and years ago.  Such fun!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, so happy for you! Your work is beautiful, dont know how old your post is, but i hope you're still going strong, from an artist that is terminally ill & seeking inspiration, thank u!