Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sixth Angel Painting....

"Bella's Angel"

I've completed "Bella's Angel" which is #6.  I'm so thrilled with this idea. I could just pinch myself!  Each granddaughter will get a necklace with a photo of their angel within, and a t-shirt with the same angel photo, to sleep in...but they won't see their paintings till they arrive for their traditional Easter week, here in Kawela Bay...where their Angel painting will be waiting for them on their bed.  I'm just tickled with excitement of that meeting.   "Bella's Angel" turned out very fairie like...which is definitely Bella's energy.  What I have loved about this process is that I don't intend to paint in any style or with any color...the angel just shows up as it does.  When I am done, I step back to see the painting with fresh eyes, and I can see each of the girl's particular energies showing up in the piece.  I love that!  Bella is our fairie child, as is her angel.  Bella walked on her toes for the first many years of her life, hesitating to land on earth.....she is light and girlie and she is our fashion princess.

"Kobain's Angel"   Kobain's angel is strong and confident. Kobain just turned 11 yr. old and she is a beautiful and very capable young girl.  She carries confidence and leadership in her very being. I think she will be a great teacher like her mother and aunt.

"Presley's Angel"   Presley is in love with horses and she has no fear.  She is a dynamic horsewoman, even at only 8 years old.  Her feet are firmly planted on the earth and she is a very powerful child.  When I look at her Angel, I see that power, but I see compassion too.

"Blaize's Angel"    Blaize is turning 14 yr old this early November.  She is our athlete.  A gifted soccer player.....and a force to be reckoned on the playing field. Blaize bears a quiet glow and the most tender of hearts and is growing into a stunningly beautiful young woman.

"Ava's Angel"   Ava is an artist from the depths of her soul.  She is our one who hears a different drummer.  She is in tune with the song that most of us can't hear...and I love that her Angel is communicating with the bird on her wing.  That is so Ava!  Ava is 8 years old.

"Aidan's Angel"   Aidan.....our oldest grand daughter at 17 years and the one who brought forth this inspiration as she flew by herself to Greece for a month.  I told her I would paint her angel everyday that she was gone, and I did...and it turned into a process of painting 7 angels.  What a gift to me!  "Aidan's Angel" shows her maturity....very strong...very wise....I see her as a protector and a muse.  Aidan is interested in becoming a Quantum Physicist. Aidan carries a magnificence that will be exciting to watch unfold.

This will be "Kenley's Angel"  #7 and the youngest of our grandchildren, at 3 years old.  I paint the background first...which really means throwing on the colors.  It's fun and easy because I know the colors will change as it develops and I will just follow it's lead into the spirit and face of "Kenley's Angel."

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wow I remember Beato Angelico and some renaissances artists, really so good paintings!
I am starting a new