Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Butterfly Minuet"

I am obsessed with creating these wall pieces.  In a good way. :)  I think this is my favorite, so far.  I was able to come across some hand written sheet music with the word "Minuet by Beethoven" created for the mandolin.... delicately written on the top. I believe that this paper holds the high vibration, not only of the music but of the intention of the composer.  When writing, composing, dwelling in the place of creating music, as with art, I believe one has to be in a place of inspiration and I believe that inspiration is contained and held in this piece of music....I placed this sheet music, along with my French journal pages onto the wood board, and placed images of butterflies over that.  The Reiki blessing symbols were added and then hidden under the tempered glass.  The shell is a 1/2 Nauitilus shell and the butterfly on it is created with pieces of glass that I found in my treasure stash.  The round circles are abalone disks.

"Butterfly Minuet"  Available for purchase: $1200.

"Portal Within"  I love this one too.  I love how her face beckons one to enter a secret realm.  I painted a face on canvas and then mounted it on the wooden background.  Onto the face I laid a beautiful thick glass disk and around that I placed antique gold metallic lace.  The Reiki Blessing is secure under her image and the wood has been painted in beautiful colors of greens and blues and reds and golds and collaged with my handwritten French letters from 1880...all muted with an antique crackle glaze. Abalone shard points surround the face highlighted with Swarovski rhinestones.  Available for purchase: $800.

"Portal Within"


JUNE said...

Oh my, you have been busy...what a spectacular piece, I love it. I'm attempting to catch up on my blog visit, as it's been quite a while...glad I made it by...thx for the beauty and the intent behind your does not go un noticed...june

JUNE said...

Hi, me again, just wanted you to know I've linked your site in my current post...I've already had a couple people comment personally to me regarding your work...yeah! june