Friday, September 2, 2011

Flying with Angels......

Aidan, our oldest grand daughter...17 on her way to the airport to fly to Greece for a month.  She will be an au pair for a family there. She has promised to text me at every step of her journey.  Her first text came in while I was in my studio painting an angel.  I told her it was her guardian angel and that I will be painting her each and every day while she is in Greece....and while we were texting the song "Flying with Angels" started playing on my ipod.


"Where are you going, inside your mind
I guess were always livin'
on borrowed time
Yes I will be here, to hold your hand
just close your eyes and sleep
I understand
You're flying with angels
above us all and I'll be here
to catch you if you fall
If others leave you, you know I'll stay
My dreams will whisper to you
and guide you way
so sleep my darlin' (sleep my darlin')
one kiss goodnight (one kiss goodnight)
another song awaits you
with rising eyes
Chorus 2x
Oh I'll be here to catch if you fall"


Susi said...

Deben vida nos dice que debemos dejarlos volar.
Cuanta belleza en su rostro, y cuanta dulzura, mi hijo tiene 17 años tambien...uf que dificil.
Muchos besos

Patrice said...

I am SO excited for you and for Aiden. Wow! What an adventure!

BluMoon said...

So glad to hear Aidan is safe, what a beautiful angel.