Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Details before the mud........

More pieces....ready to add grout tomorrow.  It's a risk, covering everything with mud, but I usually love the results.....we shall see tomorrow.....then it sits for a couple of days and then I will had a tinted glaze, which makes a big difference too.  At this stage  the handwritten French journal pages, & the music sheets have been applied, a crackle glaze has been added....antiquing has been done, the reiki symbols have been placed.....the nautilas shell and rusted metal leaves have been attached and finally the tempered glass has been applied.  And the Reiki blessing has been done. gets covered in mud.

Here's another one in the same stage...pre-mud.  This one has a large Reiki symbol under the tempered glass and over the beautiful French journal pages from 1881

And also this one.....there is a shell of a coconut holding a metal piece framing an iron top from an old iron fence probably.  Found in a Paris flea market....I've added some tarnished silver antique metallic netting to this piece and I'm interested to see how that will show up with the grout added.
Studio table....cleaned up and ready for tomorrow's grouting session.

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Blue Muse said...

These are beautiful. I can't wait to see then finished.
xo isa