Sunday, August 7, 2011

layer upon layer....

 She is slowly evolving and I'm beginning to understand how layering works and how you can't really mess up with painting cause it's so easy to add another layer.  She's come a far way from the first little blue alien strokes.  
A reminder that my "Sculpting the Head" class is open for another week before we move on to Sculpting the Hands and Arms.  You will be able to download the lesson files and work at your own pace.  And I'm always available to help you in anyway that I can.  Join me for the whole series or just for a class or two.   This series culminates with a piece that I call "My Lady of Guadaloupe"  where I demonstrate how to create one of my Hardscape costumes using apoxie sculpt and abalone shards.
Taking classes online is so fun and so easy.  I think I've taken at least 4 classes this summer and I always learn some new technique that I can then apply and interpret  into my own artwork.  It's good to keep learning, I think.   It's fun and it does make a difference in the aliveness of my art, and certainly my spirit.  Gotta learn some new dance steps every now and then. :)

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