Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby steps in learning to dance.....

As the face in my painting seems to express...learning a new dance ( or in my case, learning to paint ) can be painful. Just when I think I'm "getting it"....I look at the photo of my progress for the day and I see how far I have to go.   I know that I have to loosen!   But right now I can only go through the motions.  I tell my sculpting students all the time to be kind and loving to yourself when you are learning something new.  I need to take my own advice. :) But I do see progress.  I am learning and loosening ....and I do enjoy the process.

The class and the technique I am studying is by Shiloh Sofia McCloud.  She teaches a specific way to paint and so at least that gives me a bit of a road map.  I love her paintings!
Marie Howell is another student of Shiloh's and she's only been painting for a year.  I'm very impressed!  The painting style is full of symbols and is visionary, and is a perfect match for me.  Marie had seen my art at the Chalk Farm Gallery and had sent me an email.  She mentioned that she was learning to paint with Shiloh and so I went to the website and immediately signed up for a class.  Marie then asked me if she could interview me for the Cosmic Cowgirl's website.  Marie just posted the interview on her own blog, "A Rite of Passage in Paint" and next Thursday it will be on the Cosmic Cowgirls website.  My point's a small world and we all need to learn to dance!

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Bianca Velder said...

Yes I do believe a good dose of ones own medicine to be in order, Marilyn. But we all do this don't we, we gauge, we compare, we don't measure up. One of the things I have had to internalise deeply is that there is a path, there is a process and there are steps to this dance - but the most important step is to show up.

Aren't baby steps very dramatic in that they signal major achievements?