Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Walk Along the Bike Path.......

There was beauty all along my walk today.
My favorite tree is called a Rainbow Shower Tree.
It begins it's blooms in July and now at the end of September it is still glorious with blossoms. And then there are the dangling roots and the Tulip tree with bright orange flowers, palm fronds in green and orange, a root that is tied in a bow, a beautiful white hibiscus, little heart leaves, more Rainbow Shower Blossoms and top it all off.... there is the ever glorious turquoise of ocean against the incredible french blue sky.
So happy to be home...can you tell?


Mo'a said...

I am calling Katrin today to see if she wants to come with me to Hawaii in January. I am seriously thinking about it.
So good to see such beautiful photos of one of my favorite places in the world.

Lisa Gatz said...

what a breath of fresh air to see this!