Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've created a monster of puffs!

My idea of doing something with my big mushroom in my garden has turned into a huge problem!   Geez!  I'm not used to doing such a big project and I'm afraid my attention span is failing me, but I'm driven to complete things I start, so here I am faced with this mushroom, shouting " do something with me!"  every time I enter our cottage.
Making hydrandeas was a good idea, but way too much work....then I thought....I'll cover styrofoam balls with beads and fill in the space with those.
To get an idea of how it will look, I made up a batch and put them on the mushroom around the hydrandeas that I had made.  

Yikes!  it looks like a nightmare of pink and green puffs, up again my beautiful hydrandea bushes.  I think there is something to be said for too much of a good thing!
And ....I would need to make so many more to fill it!

Anyone have any ideas of something that I could use to fill in the spaces that will calm this thing down a bit????


3rdEyeMuse said...

hmmm ... good question ... what if you cut the balls in half (you'd yeild double the original and would add an element of height difference) and then perhaps add some coral pieces ... am I reaching, too?

As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

oh, that's a good idea! I could also add some smaller balls cut in half. I like the idea of cutting the balls in half. Hmmm...coral...hmmm....sort of like branches...hmmm....I'll have to let that sit in my imagination a bit. I'm heading to the swap meet tomorrow, expecting just the right thing to show up.
Thanks so much for your suggestions!
It takes a village, I am seeing, to create a mushroom.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Perhaps some leaves inbetween green but not the bright green more autumnal colours like bronze or brown?

Judith said...

What a hoot!!LOVE your mushroom.I often have this problem..seemed like a good idea at the time..but GREW!!LOVE it!!

blinkleblinkle said...

Hi Marilyn,
I've never done this before, but what about putting in a little mortar/cement and then some crushed abalone shell pieces? It seems like they would be 'calm' and yet the irridescence would be very flattering to the colors of the hydrangeas! (especially in the sunlight)
??? ~Janee

Sue said...

LOL Marilyn, I had to laugh at your post. Your mushroom actually doesn't look that bad, and I really like Michelle's idea of halving the balls.

I'm wondering if just some paint down towards the edge of the mushroom (on the apoxy, not the shells), which you could add interference, sand, or something else that has a fine texture to it. (I'm grasping here LOL)

Bonnie said...

Would it be too much trouble to fill in around the oyster shells with mosaic pieces with colors that would blend with the hydrangeas? I see some mosaic around the top. But, actually, anything you do will turn out beautiful...of that I am sure.

Sprite said...

Hi Marilyn! What a big project and mission! You are soo funny! I didnt notice until you made me laugh! Hmm... what about a slightly brighter green layer (or metallic) over the bead balls varying in size, microbeads? and as mentioned half the green balls but twice? placed closer to the hydrangeas for an illusion leaves Oh! Or maybe paverpoled fabric manipulated and painted as such instead for something entirely different!? A lil interference over the shells (or leaves) would probably look really pretty. (Is this a shady area?) if so could you possibly use something (outdoor sealer/ paverpol) over the cement and add sand as the grout? It may make your beautiful design elements stand out even more. Embedded beach glass designs and metal bits? Will you be adding more bead dangles? varying lengths? Well look at me, you have my head spinning for you! Was that a bit out there? :) You had to ask didn't you! ha ha ha Well, No matter what you come up with I'm sure it'll be fantastic. You'll find that certain element that'll pull it all together I'm sure! Great luck, can't wait to see it's progress :)

BIG hugs,

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about patch perfect? They say it will grow on concrete :)

Debra said...

i like the idea of "smaller" or varying sizes of the balls, but how about some moss? you could use some spackle or putty and a sea sponge to create some mossy texture. then paint the moss (or use real moss) and add the balls? I think the moss would pull things together, not a lot of it mind you but patches.