Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inspiration in a bottle!

I was at Micheal's Craft store yesterday when I spied these wonderful bottles, on sale!
I gathered many into my basket and then went back for more.
This really speaks to my virgo organizational mentality.  :)
Inspiration in a bottle where I can see her and hear her call.
Before, in my tiny studio space, I had my treasures in wonderful old carved boxes that I had been collecting.....a sweet idea but treasures hidden do not sing as clearly.
I am a happy camper today.....and off to a class to learn a technique on using tempered glass for mosaic work.   Inspiration abounds!


3rdEyeMuse said...

I can hear the inpiration singing ALL the way over HERE .. wonderful, wonderful!!

Judy C said...

I can tell I am going to the wrong Michael's. No such inspiration.

Sprite said...

They speak to my virgoness too! My goodness those look fantastic. Its much more inspiring when you can see the embellishments, but have them all neat isn't it? Thanks for sharing!


Sue said...

Great inspiration bottles Marilyn! Unfortunately the Michaels I was in today had no such bottles.


Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Ooooh! Always fun to have more "stuff" and to see it clearly too! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! smoochies...Marcie ;-)