Monday, February 25, 2013

A new piece in process...

Cleaning out my studio and finding the bird heads has inspired a new piece.  Not quite sure what she will end up looking like, but she will be part bird/part human.

I don't usually work this way...with the armature first and I rarely use apoxie sculpt for the body, but I just have to step outside of my box and stretch myself.  Otherwise creating loses that wonderful edge that risk brings and that edge, I think, creates good/great pieces

So the body was built on wire with apoxie sculpt, which I really enjoyed.  I could get the legs and body really smooth.  The head was sculpted with Prosculpt.

Her arms and torso will also be painted white and my thought now is that they will be covered with black antique netting that I have, with tiny sequins on it.  So the white will show through.

She will be a black & white bird, with magenta highlights.....maybe.....

More to come......  :)

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Judy C said...

Every time I see your work I devour it. There is so much to each piece. Thanks for sharing.