Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some doors close as others open....

We have had to leave our cottage.......I'm sad.....but I keep telling myself that a new chapter is beginning....one door closes and another opens....I tell myself over and over.  I have been reading a blog "Tongue in Cheek" for years now.  I begin my day reading the thoughts of a woman who lives in France...who loves the brocante (fleamarket) who loves the story of old and battered things discovered there.   This woman sparked a dream....France....a wish...but beyond my realities.  The funny thing about wishes and dreams is that they unknowingly do expand one's reality.  Several years ago I went to France for a art workshop with a friend.  The next year I returned because I met a woman who lived in my home town who had a house there and we did a house trade.  I brought my husband and shared my thrill of crumbling castles and cafe au lait. A year went by and I returned again.....bringing my 3 grown daughters and my oldest granddaughter as her high school graduation present.  The best time of my life!   And I wonder how this happened....it's like a story book dream to me.  The power of a wish...a dream...a vision.
My friend and unknown to her ....my boundary pusher....who writes the blog Tongue in Cheek...whom I have never met or even corresponded with....who had no idea that she had given me a dream..... wrote on her blog that she would invite 8 women to come, one at a time....and bring a friend....and stay with her, in her home, for a week....in the south of France.

It was to be a drawing out of a hat...a chance....I sent in my name.  I've never won anything....I didn't imagine it happening....that was too far beyond my reality.......

In browsing Facebook I noticed she had posted her blog....of course I read it...there it was...she wrote...."and the winners are....."

MOI  !!!

Unbelievable!!   I will fly to France and stay with my faery godmother who birthed a dream.   A door has closed but a new door has opened and it is painted French blue! 

How does it happen?  Sometimes I wish so hard for something to happen.  I do what is needed....and it doesn't happen.  And sometimes a dream is manifested in a moment.  How is that so???....what is the secret?

There is a portal through which my wish traveled and touched another's hand.......OMG.....I keep pinching myself and re-reading her blog...and there I am....I am going to France!


Yve said...

How wonderful, I am sure you will love every minute! :o)

Elizabeth Johnson said...

What an incredible gift! I hope you have the very best of times!