Sunday, September 16, 2012

Online Class....Alice Down the Rabbit Hole!

My online class is beginning on Tuesday. I call the piece "Alice Down the Rabbit Hole"! 

This piece is created to be hung on the wall.  It begins on Tuesday, but really, one can download the lessons and work on your own time.  That is the beauty of online classes.  You are free to create when you want and the information is right there for I am.  :)

You will learn exactly how to form, build and shape the shadow box in which Alice tumbles.
And that's just the first step.
From there, with hundreds of photographs and detailed instructions, we will sculpt head, hands legs and feet, paint and dress Alice.
You will also learn how to attach her into the shadow box and finally how to apply magical finishing touches.
The class is separated into 4 weeks to allow you to enjoy creating in a step by step process.

This is a very fun class, with great whimsical detail and design.
$55 for the class
Come join me!
Register here:


JUNE said...

looks like fun...good luck with your class...nice to stop by and see what you're up to these days...thx, june

Belladonna said...

Alice is amazing!