Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to creating.....

I am so happy to share that I have been asked to put together a show of my artwork at a fantastic gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Chalk Farm Gallery is a wonderful, big gallery on Canyon Street and the specific dates are Feb 25th - 27th, which is the ArtFest Weekend there.
There aren't very many galleries that can showcase my art, as I feel that it seems to get lost in typical galleries of wood and bronze. The Chalk Farm Gallery is gallery for Visionary and Surrealist art and it is beautiful and inspiring. They are adding to the website now, so check back later to see photos of my pieces there.
I've already sent a lot of work already, and I am now creating some small fun little pieces, nestled into egg gourds.
Come back, when you can, and see how I finish them. I'm still fascinated with tempered glass mosaics, so I think I'll cover the gourds in that......back to the studio, I'm happy to report. :)


ODD imagination said...

Completely beautiful as always! The piece with the seashell is my FAVORITE!

flyingbeader said...

How adorable...congrats on the show.

Anonymous said...

What beautivul work. Each piece is amazing and I just love the wip little fella in the egg gourd. Hes' won my heart already.
visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

Mo'a said...

Congratulations Marilyn. Chalk Farm Gallery is a wonderful place and just perfect for your art.
Ken and I were there in September of 2009, Chalk Farm Gallery was my favorite.
Here is a link to what I wrote about it when I got back from my trip.