Thursday, August 5, 2010

Masks of me.....

I took a wonderful weekend class on creating face masks from a fantastic artist by the name of Rebecca Love Be sure to check out her website and particularly her African Masks. And if you can manage time to take her class, I highly recommend it! You learn how to cast a mold mask of your own face out of plaster strips and then press clay into that mold to then create your own image. And you embellish however you wish. Very fun.

I've finished 3 masks of me so far. At first it's down right frightening to see yourself .....with all the imprints that Time leaves on our faces. But now it doesn't really seem like me....just a face that I can carve or paint or embellish into whatever I want and that it is actually my face makes it very unique.

The one piece that is kind of half a mask was fired in a pit fire on the beach and that gave it those interesting colors. The symbols that I carved into that piece are Reiki symbols.

I have a collection of white plaster heads collected from San Miguel de Allende on my wall so now I've done a mask/face of me in whites to be added to that wall, which happens to be right where you enter my little studio.
Next I'm going to add a mask/head in whites of each of my grand daughters to add to that collection. I pressed the clay into the plaster mold that I took, today, so check back to see the finished piece soon.

So fun to be inspired!

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Sue said...

Just getting caught up on a couple of your posts Marilyn! These masks are terrific. Such beautiful and personal accents for your home.