Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another full day in the studio

For many many years I have practiced listening to and following my intuition....if I have a "sense" or thought about a certain direction, I don't question it. This means that my creative path takes me places that I never would have followed if I had put thought into it. And often, as in this case, a lot of the detail gets hidden in newly inspired layers. The french journal pages and the Reiki blessing symbols are barely seen now, but I like the mystery that this adds to the piece. You are required to spend some time looking in order to see what is there.

Today, since I had grout left over from grouting 3 new Reiki paintings I took the grout and applied it on her head piece and in areas on her gourd body. Then I mixed up some paints and did a thin wash of color over those areas....adding purple, plum, blue and grey washes. I then worked on her arms, covering them in antique blue silk velvet and attached them to her torso. Then I added some cool metal leaves around the edge of the gourd.
I'm rather exhausted...but in a very satisfying and spent way.


FairiesNest said...

Beautiful and amazing!

BluMoon said...

Oh my goodness she is so beautiful,I love the idea of layers it gives purpose and depth.

Mo'a said...

She is beautiful...I love her serene face.
I feel privileged that I have seen you go through this process :)

Sue said...

Marilyn, everything you create is just so beautiful. I love the face on this piece, love the colours, the way you have built her up and the way she has been embellished. Stunning.