Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunshine, my shadow and sparkles!

Finally! The sun came out and so did I! Glass, powders, silicone and big smiles.
My mushroom is almost all jeweled.

The next step will be to grout......I might try an edge first to see how it looks, but I have to wait for the weather to remain sunny so the grout can dry.

Here are pieces of wood that I've used the tempered glass effect on. What I love about these is that I've embedded Reiki Healing Symbols within the design so when anyone enters our cottage they pass through blessings of protection and love.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

...nothing short of magical

Sue said...

Your pics are so lovely Marilyn and transport me for a small moment to a land of sunshine and warmth (snowy, cold and cloudy here).

The tempered glass wood pieces are beautiful and I really like the way you have incorporated the Reiki
Healing Symbols within the design...lovely!

Tess said...

Magnificent and it isn't even finished yet. The pieces of wood look like buried treasures from the ocean depths cleansed by sea water and sun. Love them.

Lisa Gatz said...

Your work is stunning! I love how you take techniques and make them completely your own.