Thursday, January 7, 2010

The ongoing saga of my mushroom....

I've been so unhappy with my big mushroom in the garden outside of my cottage.
Originally it was planted and was supposed to bloom....which it never did. I tried fake plants and that didn't work. Then I got the idea to mosaic it with clam shells....well, that looked horrible!
Then I thought I would make big clay hydragenia flowers on it but soon realized that would take too much time and energy.... and I was bored after the third one. mushroom has been sitting, ugly, staring at me everytime I go into the door.
And then....inspiration arrived. Since I'm so enamored with using tempered glass for mosaic work,
I thought I would try covering the entire mushroom with this effect. I've gotten about a third of it done and I think....I hope....this is going to work! It's hard to tell now because after I apply the tempered glass I have to grout and that does change the look, but I'm kind of liking it.
Since I had put clam shells on it and had used cement to embed them, the surface is very lumpy, but laying the glass on this lumpy surface looks like of cool. We shall see.......I hope to have this done in the next day or two. In these photos you can see half done with the clam shells and half with the ungrouted tempered glass.


Sue said...

By Jove! I think she's got it!!!

Marilyn, I think the tempered glass is the answer. So far it is looking fabulous! Good for you!



thomi said...

I like this glittering surface......I think, it is a very good idea...