Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wonderful bone carvings

Sami Fevaleaki was born on the South Pacific island of Tonga and is very well known for his amazing and beautiful bone carved necklaces.
Many movie stars wear his pieces and we were fortunate to be invited to his home.


Tess said...

Lucky you!! :)

Lisa Gatz said...

Sami is the one who carved the hook that I wear. Thank you for sharing him on your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to own several of Sami's pieces. My favorite pieces are one of akinds and I hope to be able to get a similar piece for a girlfriend who loves mermaids. I hope that he will still have a good selection left after Xmas as I hope to meet up with him in mid-January. I also have one of his wife's exquisite Ni'ihau shell necklaces. Keep doing your beautiful creations Sami! Oh yea, I get to see Kamele's beautiful piece most weeks as well!

Anonymous said...

My husband and i have been looking for sami and cannot find a way to reach him. Our gorgeous necklace broke and we need it repaired, Please help us find him!!! our e/mail address is
contact david @ (248) 935-5819

His work is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SusanW said...

We met Sami this year at Merry Monarch. What a kind and interesting man. We bought three pieces of his beautiful work. I read about him in Hawaiian Airline magazine when we hopped over from Oahu. I told him I would have stolen the magazine if I'd known I would see him and he pulled out a copy and signed it for us!

The Cam said...

I met Sami at the Asian Pacific Festival on the 11th of June 2010. I picked up one of his beautiful whale bone hooks and have loved it. Everywhere I go people comment on it. I will be looking him up again the next time I get out to Oahu.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both wear necklaces that were hand carved by Sami. Not only is he a master carver, but he is a beautiful and genuine human soul. He is full of Aloha.

Anonymous said...

I too am lucky enough to own a piece made by Sami. I work on the east coast and have so many friends ask me to pickup pieces for them when I return to Hawaii every month.

Can anyone help me find him? Where he will be at his next art fest or fair he may be at or how to call him to order some pieces from him or meet him to buy pieces from him.

Please help! Patrice at Mahalo Nui Loa!

javieth said...
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MICHELLE said...

I am also trying to find contact information for Sami. We bought my seven year old daughter a necklace from him at the Sunset Beach Farmer's market. She wore it EVERY day and now I lost it. I would love to replace it. Anyone know contact info for him? My e-mail is

Thank you so much.
Michelle Aliano

Anonymous said...

I met Sami at Art Festa in Kapiolani Park.
I could not buy his necklace that time, but I want to get his now.
I will visit Hawaii on November, but I will stay there short days and only weekday.
So I cannot go to the festa, farmer's market and any event in weekends.

It seems people are shopping in his home when I saw the above picture.
Could anyone help me find him?
I want to visit his home to get his necklace.
I know that he lives in North shore, but I don't know his address.
Please teach me his address or any clues. My email is

Thank you very much in advance.

Anonymous said...

You can find Sami's carvings right now at the Dole Plantation on Oahu.

Anonymous said...

sami is an exceptional carver however trouble has found him. he is in hi state pen. google sami fevaleaki arrested. sorry

Anonymous said...

My name is Moko living in Kailua.
I have been really curious about your items.
I have been trying to reach you to know how to get them.
But the line has been busy...
Could you let me know where I can get your items?
Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me where I can get his items in Oafu?

Anonymous said...

Sami and his Ohana are great people, good hearts. You can find Sami's beautiful carvings at the Dole Plantation. You can find what piece you are drawn to in person. Mahalo.