Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vaison La Romaine

We are wandering the backroads of the south of France.
Tonight we are in Vaison La a hotel built in the 1500s....along bridges built in the Roman times. I find it hard to grasp.
Tomorrow a big Vide Grenier!
Today, on our drive, we stopped by a Brocante and it was wonderful. Just the perfect an old barn...cobwebs and dust everywhere....treasure piled on top of one another.....oh my!
Tomorrow I will show you my finds.....
au revoir, mon aimes.....


Sue said...

Beautiful pics Marilyn! Can't wait to see your treasures! What fun!


Tammy said...

Gorgeous places. Love the clock tower. Have fun!

Pearl said...

So beautiful!

BluMoon said...

Lovely photos Marilyn, sounds like you are having a wonderful time, so many beautiful places to see and so much history, I love France!